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Read Powerful Ideas,Tips, Tactics And Proven To Work Strategies To Sell For Sale By Owner Real Estate

This for sale by owner guide website contains loads of powerful tips, tactics and proven-to-work strategies to help you sell your own home for sale by owner. It is written in an easy-to-read way with each new idea, tip, tactic or strategy numbered for easy reference. The pages on this site also include answers to many commonly asked For Sale By Owner real estate questions.

However, before we get started there are a couple of points I want you to fully understand above anything else. I’m about to explain precisely why many properties stay on the market while others get sold around them. I’ll also tell you why many home owners get bitterly disappointed with the final outcome from their house sale. If you do nothing else... please read the next few pages, because what I’m about to say might change your whole approach to selling your home for sale by owner FSBO. In my experience these points are critical and are too often overlooked.

As you read on you’ll notice that many of these tips, tactics and strategies come in the form of a question. This is deliberate, as I want you to think carefully about the whole FSBO real estate sales process. It is not just a case of accepting everything I say as “gospel.” I’m sure that some of the For Sale By Owner real estate ideas will be best adapted to suit your own situation. The key is to pose the right questions so that between us we come up with the right answers.


Also, from time-to-time I do mention the possibility of listing with an agent. Don’t completely rule that option out, as a high percentage of For Sale By Owners will list with an agent within the first 6 to 8 weeks. As I understand it, something like less than 10% of For Sale By Owners will sell their houses without outside help. In most instances that will mean a real estate agent.



Many FSBO home sellers are not well organized and have the wrong mindset. The fact is; most for sale by owner vendors fail to have a clearly defined plan of action. They don’t attract enough potential buyers so fail to get offers on their home. Many give it a half-hearted go and then give up after a couple of weeks. This can cause considerable stress within families and can damages relationships.


You are different, because for starters you are smart enough to be reading this. So the first thing you must do is...


Decide In Your Own Mind - That You Can and Will

Sell Your Home For Sale By Owner FSBO



The key is to have the right mindset from day one. Understand exactly what you are doing, talk through the issues with your spouse and make the commitment to see the job through to its conclusion.


Read and re-read this free for sale by owner real estate guide, because many of the likely problems and opportunities are discussed. These web pages are packed with ideas, tips, tactics and strateges to help you prepare the right game plan, so that you can sell your home for sale by owner FSBO.


You will need a positive attitude, patience and commitment to get the job done.

Now, I’ve already given you some valuable tips.... so let’s now get going with the first ideas to sell your home yourself for sale by owner FSBO.


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