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Tips For Planning And Holding Successful FSBO Open Homes


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50. Having strangers in your house when holding your FSBO open homes

Your home is your castle so be wary when opening the door to strangers. They may not be the buyer you think they are. You want a “speedy” sale, but you also want a “safe” sale. You don’t know these people. You don’t know their intentions. Be careful!

51. Have a safety plan for your fsbo open homes

Your home is supposed to be your safe haven so decide in advance how you might react in a given situation.

Consider these and other points:

  • Who in the family must be present before anyone is allowed to inspect your fsbo open home? Mom... Dad. . Just the kids?
  • What will you do if a buyer seems to be “taking inventory” or showing unusual interest in your personal possessions? They might be “casing the joint” with the view to robbing you later. Be alert at your fsbo open homes.
  • If someone comes in off the street after seeing your advertising sign and seems to act suspiciously — will you let them in? Or will you say something like “it’s not convenient right now. If you give me your name and number, I call you with a time”?
  • Will you let anyone in to make a phone call or use the bathroom?
  • Will you let someone with a pet come in?
  • Should you ask for identification?
  • If you feel you are in danger — get out of the house immediately.

52. Hide valuables during your fsbo open homes

Never leave money, jewellery or other valuables where they can be seen during a fsbo open home. One agent told me that men are the worst at just tossing their money on the table beside the bed. Also, be careful what you leave in bedside drawers. It doesn’t take much for an opportunist thief to discretely slide open a drawer or cupboard.

53. Keep a keen eye open when running fsbo open homes

DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allow a stranger to tour your home BY THEMSELVES! Stay alongside them at all times. Keep a watchful eye on how they act and what they touch. You don’t want any of your possessions walking out the door.

54. The show trough at fsbo open homes

This might sound a bit on the paranoid side, but protect yourself because “it is better to be safe than sorry.”

Never to show people through your house on your own. However, if that is unavoidable then consider these options:

  • Make appointments and open your home by appointment only.
  • Let your spouse or a friend know when you have appointments.
  • Arrange to ring your spouse or friend as soon as the appointment is finished.
  • Have a prearranged time for your spouse or friend to phone you if you haven’t already phoned them back.
  • Have a prearranged PASSWORD you can use on the phone if you are in any way uncomfortable with the situation. The password code might be something as simple as “don't forget the birthday cake.”
  • Never tell a stranger that you can’t show them the house because you won’t be home. That is an open invitation to any criminal. Simply say something like “I’ll be busy then... how about 10.30 instead?”
  • Always tell the buyer you are expecting a visitor to arrive shortly. This could deter anyone who might be considering something criminal.

Remember: The personal safety of you and your family is more important than property or possessions.

55. Have a sign-in sheet at your fsbo open homes

Have EVERYONE who comes to inspect your house fill out his or her name, address and phone number on a sign-in sheet FIRST! Keep it near the entrance and make sure it is completed BEFORE showing them through the house at your open homes.

Read on for useful tips and ideas on how to sell your home for sale by owner and how to hold successful fsbo open homes.


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