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Be Prepared For Real Estate Agent Tricks When Selling For Sale By Owner FSBO. Read On For Details.

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31. Be prepared for calls from agents

Facing a barrage of calls from real estate agents wanting to list your property is something you need to be prepared for. They are only doing their job so don’t get too annoyed or upset. Besides they are use to knock-backs and in most cases immune to abuse. Just be polite and tell them you are handling the sale yourself.
They may even offer some tips and guidance on the state of the current property market for selling your home.

32. Be prepared for one of the oldest real estate agent tricks in the book

Some real estate agents will ring telling you they have a buyer. Don’t slam down the phone too quickly, because they might be telling the truth. They might genuinely have a buyer for your house. What they usually mean is that they have buyers who are looking to buy a house in your local area. Not necessarily your house, but “a” house in your area. There is a big difference!

They may even ask, “Is it alright if I bring someone around to have a look?” Again that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a buyer for your home. Remember, they are in the business of showing people through houses.

Most agents will just be fishing for a listing. They just want to get their foot in the door so they can pitch for your real estate commission.

If you do want to sell your house yourself then just tell the truth.

If they persist then suggest they post you some information. They probably won’t bother. Phoning to say they have a buyer could be genuine, but the agent could also be using one of the oldest real estate agent tricks to get a foot in the door.

Please don't be rude to real estate agents, unless the agent is being unfair. Agents need to earn an income just like the rest of us. There are some excellent agents out there, and they can often get a better result than many fsbo sellers. Not all agents are the same. Some are excellent, some are good, many are average, and some are poor. It is just a case of working with the right people and not becoming a victim of real estate agent tricks.

33. Be wary of bargain hunters

Just like those real estate agents, you’ll probably get calls from bargain hunters. Some people think that just because a property is advertised FSBO, that the seller is desperate, or that the normal real estate agents commission can be knocked off the price even before starting to negotiate. Keep an open mind but be wary.

34. Plan for the unexpected

An opportunity (or problem) could present itself at any time. It is best to be prepared to grasp opportunities, or nip problems in the bud before they get out of hand. Plan for the unexpected. 

Read on for real estate agent tricks and useful tips and ideas on how to sell a house fsbo.


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