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Why You Should Talk With A Real Estate Attorney When Selling For Sale By Owner FSBO. Details Below.

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41. Aim for a smooth transaction

Often loan schemes will place certain restrictions and responsibilities on the seller and/or the buyer. It is important to understand what those restrictions are, because they will affect the mechanics of any transaction. Your banker or mortgage specialist can advise you on the details of the particular loan your buyer is seeking. Seek expert advice and you will avoid the usual pitfall and hopefully enjoy a smooth trouble-free transaction.

42. Always seek legal advice and talk with a real estate attorney


Don’t rely on friends or family members to give you accurate legal advice. Always get independent legal advice when buying or selling any property. Your real estate attorney should be able to guide you safely through a minefield of legal bits and pieces. He or she will help with the intricacies of writing a contract. They can explain the implications of certain clauses and why each clause is necessary.


Your legal attorney will show you the correct way to write a contract so as to protect your rights as the seller. He or she will hopefully ensure that any such contract is as “water-tight” as it possibly can be without scaring off the buyer. After all, you don’t want the buyer reneging on the contract... you want the property to remain sold!

Your legal advisor will also be able to inform you of specific laws or requirements relating to the state or country where you live. Talk with a real estate attorney when considering property transactions.

For example, in most states in the USA, Title Companies close most real estate transactions. A Title Company can be an excellent resource for handling the mechanical aspects of closing real estate transactions. However, as I understand it, Title Companies cannot give legal advice to either a buyer or a seller.


Most Title Companies will employ the services of a real estate attorney who you should speak with. The title company can generally handle the rest of the transaction, but a real estate attorney is the only one who you should be getting legal advice from.

As I said earlier, the legal aspects and ramifications of a real estate transaction can be a minefield for the unwary. Don’t skimp on getting competent legal advice. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use a real estate attorney.

43. Be professional

Handle all dealings in a professional manner — everything, from how you answer the phone, to the way you handle criticism, or how you prepare for an open home. Be professional.

Discuss property transactions with a real estate attorney.


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